ROUNDUP: 5 New Resources from OFCCP

infographic preview for veteran statusOFCCP has been prolific this summer in producing new resources for their regulated community and stakeholders. Below is a roundup of five new resources including checklists, infographics, posters and more published by OFCCP.

 1) Section 503 Checklist Tool

At 14 pages, this checklist is exhaustive. We’ve distilled the most critical new aspects of the Section 503 regulations here.

2) Veteran Status Infographic

“Are you a protected veteran?” is not always the easiest question for employees and applicants to answer.  OFCCP’s veteran status infographic should help.

3) Visa Denial Information

Affirmative action regulations require that contractors inform both OFCCP and the U.S. State Department when a country with which it does business denies a visa of entry to an employee or potential employee based on a prohibited factor, such as race, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  This page gives the contact information and additional resources for responding to visa denials.

4) Outreach and Education Poster

While NOT a required poster, this resource can be used to give workers and other members of the public more information on OFCCP and their mission.

5)  Customer Experience Survey

Were you audited within the last four years?  If so, you may be receiving a link to a “Customer Experience Survey” from OFCCP.  Using SurveyMonkey, OFCCP hopes to collect anonymous information from organizations in order to “identify areas where OFCCP can strengthen its outreach and education, training, and processes.”

August 25th, 2015|

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