Register today for HudsonMann’s two-part, intensive webinar on Affirmative Action & OFCCP Compliance. Because this training is cumulative, it is highly recommended that you attend Part One prior to Prior Two.

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Part One topics include:

  • Affirmative Action: Truths & Myths

Learn who is covered under current federal contractors’ guidelines (Code of Federal Regulations), the monetary threshold and subcontractor reporting requirements. This topic covers the requirements of Executive Order 11246 as it pertains to Affirmative Action and contractor reporting obligations. Students will have a chance to review their contractor status.

  • Landmark Laws & Manager’s Reporting Responsibilities

An overview of all Landmark Laws as they apply to federal contractors and private employers. Students will have an opportunity to learn the history behind each law, arguments in congress, populace support, and the effects on society today. A step-by-step tutorial giving an insider look into the laws which have influenced employment in the US.

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Part Two topics include:

  • A Fresh, Clear, Well-Seasoned Perspective

Navigate through the US Census reporting processes. Students will review current reporting practices and goals affecting their organization. They will take an in-depth look at understanding the numbers as they pertain to EEO Job Categories and availability.

  • Outreach and Positive Recruitment Activities

The Code of Federal Regulations (41 CFR 60) requires contractors to document outreach and positive recruitment activities. Examples are provided as possible solutions to fulfill requirements. Correct documentation is discussed. Discussion time for questions is allowed.