On December 24, OFCCP issued their Regulatory Agenda for 2013.  Two long-looming updates are scheduled to become final during the second quarter and additional changes are to be proposed throughout the year.  Below is a synopsis of OFCCP compliance updates schedule for this year:

Veterans’ Regulation Updates to include:

  • Requires use of new benchmarks
  • Additional recordkeeping requirements
  • Increased outreach obligations
  • In-depth analysis of recruitment and placement practices and decisions

Individuals with Disabilities Regulation Updates to include:

  • Establishment of Utilization Goals for individuals with disabilities
  • Increased data collection obligations
  • In-depth analysis of recruitment and placement practices and decisions
  • Revised recordkeeping requirements

Both of the preceding updates are scheduled to become final in April of 2013.  While the requirements themselves will most likely not go into effect for some time after that, Federal contractors are likely to face significant new requirements by the end of the year.

The proposed rules that OFCCP plans to publish this year are:

Compensation Data Collection Tool:

  • New tool to help identify contractors that are likely to discriminate in pay
  • Due in June

Sex Discrimination Guidelines:

  • Current guidance is over 30 years old
  • New guidance to reflect the “current state of the law in this area”
  • Due in August

Construction Contractor Affirmative Action Plan Requirement updates:

  • First update since 1980
  • New method for establishing placement goals
  • Increased scope of regulations (OFCCP notes there “may be some additional costs” to contractors)
  • New framework for implementing affirmative action regulations
  • Due in October

Which update do you expect to impact you most?  Leave a comment below to join the conversation.