Patricia Shiu, Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), will hold a live chat about OFCCP’s strategic plan.

According to OFCCP’s website:

This is an opportunity to:

*   Learn more about the strategic planning process; and

*  Provide comment on the proposals for our strategic direction and goals.

The web chat can be accessed at The attached presentation highlights the strategies and measures OFCCP is considering for inclusion in the Department’s Strategic Plan for 2010-2016.

For more information about the DOL Strategic Plan, including department and agency overviews, go to

OFCCP values stakeholders’ participation and engagement in the planning process and encourages all interested parties to provide suggestions and feedback. If you would like to submit suggestions, feedback or comment on the Department of Labor’s strategic plan development please email If you would like to comment specifically on OFCCP’s strategic plan, please include OFCCP in the subject line of the email. Note: Comments may also be submitted during the web chat but in this format not every comment submitted will be posted.

We want your input!

HudsonMann will be attending the chat and reporting on any major developments.