Today the U.S. Census Bureau released their much-anticipated Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Tabulation. We decided to see how the data compares to the 2000 census in terms of availability.  The charts below represent the percentage of minorities and females, respectively, within each EEO Job Category across the whole United States.  We’ll update this article as we continue our analysis, so be sure to check back.

graph comparing eeo availability of minorities2010 census vs 2000 census

graph comparing eeo availability of females 2010 census vs 2000 census

What about this comparison strikes you most?

UPDATE 1/14/2013 – The Census Bureau has still not released the downloadable full EEO file.  Once that file becomes available, HudsonMann will begin integrating the new census information into our Affirmative Action Plan services.

UPDATE 1/18/2013 – The full EEO tabulations have now been made available for download.  They are available here.