How do we make diversity metrics simple, accessible and affordable?

DIVERSIFi is a first of its kind web-based Diversity & Inclusion analytics, benchmarking and visualization tool.

Unlike most other dashboard solutions on the market, DIVERSIFi is more than a dashboarding/visualization tool. We have preloaded analytics tools and comparison data for all your benchmarking needs. DIVERSIFi is also set apart by the ease of implementation. Basic spreadsheets from your HRIS or Applicant Tracking System are all you need to get started. This saves you from high implementation costs and time-consuming integration projects.

Through HudsonMann’s secure iPlans™ portal. You can also use the drop-down menu on the DIVERSIFi landing page to go directly to the login page.

Most DIVERSIFi clients update their dashboards quarterly or every six months.  The benchmarking data will be updated anytime new census and/or EEO-1 data is available to keep it as current as possible.

Updates can be as frequent as quarterly. No matter how often you update you will have 24/7 access to dashboards from most devices with an internet connection.

Each adoption will be priced out individually based on many unique factors such as size and complexity of data. To receive a quote, please contact Preston Willcox, Product Director (

Each company will be able to define two options for reporting. These can be by Establishment, Business unit, Manager… the choice is yours.

Through excel export files from HRIS and Applicant tracking systems.

Any chart can be exported in a variety of file types PDF, PNG, JPG, XLS or Vector files

Users can save customized chart filter sets so that key reports can be easily chosen from a drop-down menu.

HudsonMann has been providing Affirmative Action and Diversity reports on iPlans™ for 10 years (2008).  We’ve been doing custom diversity reports for clients since that time. DIVERSIFi represents the newest phase of that by taking the best practices and tools we’ve developed and making them more readily available.

Year-round technical and customer support is included.

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