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What happens when you get a Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter?

A Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL), is the first sign of an upcoming OFCCP audit of your company’s Affirmative Action Programs.  Based on recent directives from OFCCP, here is an outline of the major steps from the time you receive a CSAL until your audit begins.

1 – OFCCP’s policy is to issue CSALs at least 45 days prior to formally starting a compliance review. Beginning in 2019, CSALs will be posted online and not mailed.

2 – Receipt of a scheduling letter is the official start of an OFCCP compliance review.  Always be on the lookout for certified mail from the Department of Labor!

3 – After receiving a scheduling letter, you have 30 days to provide the requested materials to OFCCP.  This includes your most recent AAP and supporting documentation.

4 – If you can’t make the 30-day deadline, OFCCP allows for extensions under certain circumstances.  If needed, ensure you request an extension before the due date.

5 – If you fail to submit your AAP or request an extension, OFCCP is likely to issue an immediate Show Cause notice.  This can heighten the scrutiny of your AAP and should be avoided if possible.