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Your three (3) AAP Narratives plus:

  • Executive Order 11246 AAP
    • Organizational Profile
    • Formation of Job Groups
    • Statement of the percentage of minority & females
    • Minority & female availability
    • Comparison of incumbency to availability
    • Placement goals
  • Section 503 AAP
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of outreach
    • Documentation of all actions taken to comply with Section 503 regulations
    • Documentation of the computations
    • Utilization Analysis of Individuals with Disabilities by job group
  • Section 4212 AAP
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of outreach
    • Documentation of all actions taken to comply with VEVRAA regulations
    • Documentation of the computations
    • Documentation of hiring benchmark
  • Supporting Data
    • Copies of EEO-1 for 3 years
    • Copies of collective bargaining agreements
    • Copy of affirmative action goals
    • Data on employment activity
    • Compensation data
    • Copies of reasonable accommodation policies & logs
    • Assessment of personnel processes
    • Assessment of physical and mental qualifications
  • Also Required for Initial Submission
    • Any supporting documentation to show specific, targeted outreach efforts and action-oriented programs to meet unmet AAP goals
    • EEO Policy Statement indicating top US executive support
  • Required by Regulations – May Be Requested During Audit
    • Copies of listings with state employment service delivery system (ESDS)
    • Copy of online or newspaper ads showing EO tagline
    • List of places from which you recruit
    • Company overview
    • Purchase Order with affirmative action & Executive Order 13496/NLRA verbiage
    • Policies on maternity leave, FMLA leave, harassment
    • EEO is the Law Poster and Supplement for applicants and employees
    • Pay Transparency Policy Poster (E.O 13665)
    • E.O. 13496 Poster
    • Online Accessibility statement
    • VETS-4212 report for most recent year
  • Additionally, we recommend that the following also be in place before an OFCCP audit ever occurs
    • Designation of the person responsible for your Affirmative Action Programs
    • Problem Areas should be identified after review of utilization analysis, personnel activity and compensation systems
    • Action Oriented Programs specifically designed to meet placement goals or correct problem areas
    • Periodic internal audits performed to measure the effectiveness of your AAP. We recommend semi-annual reviews of all personnel activity.
    • Documentation to demonstrate compliance should be retrievable including contact with local associations serving minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans
    • Ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities: parking and entrance, restrooms, application computers/kiosks, workstations, etc.
    • Review EEO policy with all employees
    • Set up two files (work & personal) for all employees
    • Post EEO Policy statements
    • Applicant Flow Logs
    • Compensation analyses performed annually

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