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OFCCP Affirmative Action Plans | Experienced Professionals

HudsonMann has over 24 years of experience working with our clients and the OFCCP on hundreds of compliance reviews, checks, and desk audits. Put HudsonMann’s experience and record of success to work for your organization.

OFCCP Affirmative Action Plan OUTSOURCING

Having trouble getting your plans organized for the past two years? HudsonMann specializes in creating Affirmative Action Plans that meet all standards set by the OFCCP. We will work with you to generate necessary data to get your AAPs submitted before the deadline. Follow the link for more information on Affirmative Action Plan outsourcing.

OFCCP Affirmative Action Plan | DESK AUDIT

HudsonMann will prepare a mock audit of your Affirmative Action Plans informing you of potential areas of concern that can be addressed prior to the audit. Our Affirmative Action compliance experts will examine underutilization, adverse impact, and compensation reports to get your establishment prepared for areas of concern that the OFCCP may address.


If your location receives notice of an on-site audit, HudsonMann’s associates are available to come to your location and help you get ready for an on-site review. This mock audit helps prepare you for site preparation, employee interviews, I-9 review, and potential questions about your written Affirmative Action Plan.


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Please contact HudsonMann to receive more information and to discuss how we can help your company.