Why OFCCP Affirmative Action iPlans?

Affirmative Action Plans have traditionally been stored in folders or cumbersome binders that take up space.  Distribution, monitoring and maintenance of the plans often proved difficult for HR Managers and created potential liability and confidentiality concerns.  To eliminate these problems HudsonMann offers internet based Affirmative Action Plans or iPlans™.  All of your company’s Affirmative Action iPlans™ are stored on a secure customized internet portal site.

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 Instant Distribution with iPlans

Flexible user management allows you to customize access to AAP reports and documentation.  Key documents can be stored in your custom AAP Toolbox.  Corporate HR maintains continuous control and visibility of AAPs from the central iPlans™ portal.  iPlans™ allows HR Managers to easily share key AAP reporting with senior leadership and talent acquisition teams.  These features help turn your Affirmative Action Plans into management tools, not just a compliance document.

Benefits of iPlans

Your Compliance & Diversity Hub

HudsonMann’s comprehensive Affirmative Action iPlans™ allow HR professionals to focus on plan implementation rather than development. In addition to your AAPs, iPlans™ is a fully integrated platform that can be extended with the following modules:

Good Faith Efforts Dashboard:

This dashboard simplifies the implementation and documentation of your recruiting efforts for women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities. Easily track progress towards AAP goals and generate compliance reports.


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Knowledge Base:

All iPlans™ users have access to a detailed Knowledge Base. Full of policy templates, best practices, and audit preparation tools, HudsonMann’s Knowledge Base complements the year-round support from your dedicated Compliance Specialist.