Diversity Dashboards

Key Insights on Your Diversity InitiativesResponsive Website1

Finally a purpose-built, cloud-based solution for advancing the measurement and tracking of organizational diversity.  HudsonMann’s Diversity Dashboards offer a variety of tools to enhance your diversity initiatives.  Beyond static reports that are outdated by the time they are shared, our dashboards allow for timely insights that you can use to shape your organization.  Our responsive website allows you to view your plans on the go- whether on your computer, tablet, or mobile device!

Meet the stars of our solution:


Drive your Diversity & Inclusion efforts with powerful visual storytelling.  Publish a heads-up-display of the metrics that matter most to your organization.  Our tool comes loaded with reporting templates based on best practices and decades of diversity benchmarking experience.





Up-to-date workforce analytics help you stay on top of developing trends throughout your organization.  Seamless integration with your HRIS and Applicant Tracking data ensure you’ll spend more time analyzing the impact of your efforts instead of generating reports.



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Customize your diversity metrics and reports on-the-fly.  A variety of external databases and benchmark sources are baked into to our system.   Want to take deep dives into your data?  You’re just a few clicks a way.  Rather have a bird’s eye view? The choice is yours!